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100 Water Street

Haverhill, MA  01830


Bethany Communities

Each Bethany Community is uniquely rooted in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Phoenix is in the downtown historic district and provides loft living in studio and one-bedroom apartments.  Merrivista has grand views of the Merrimack River and provides a full-service dining facility.  Mission Towers offers views in two directions from most of its units.


We have helped hundreds of seniors with special financial needs or other housing problems find a home in one of our three Bethany Community apartment buildings.  Priority is given to individuals with these kinds of needs while extra measure is taken to respect their privacy and dignity. We will be your best advocates!


Many residents pay 30% of their income for rent and those who do not will find their rent well below the fair market rent for Greater Haverhill. Our staff will assist you in finding the housing that best meets your needs.

Residents of Bethany Communities enjoy our many walkways lined with mature trees, well maintained lawns, and thriving flower gardens.  Residents can relax on porches, gazebos or roof decks that offer vistas of the Merrimack River valley.  Other amenities include:

  • All residences are constructed with energy conservation and accessibility in mind

  • Automatic doors, ramps, elevators, and wide doors make mobility easy

  • Gracious common spaces, dining rooms, TV rooms, and lending libraries

  • Hallways are bright and wide


To apply for housing at Phoenix, please complete an application and a supplemental application.

To apply for housing at Merrivista, please complete an application and a supplemental application.

To apply for housing at Mission Towers, please complete an application.

To apply for housing at Merrimack Corner, please compete an application.

You may also contact the Property Managers directly for more information. 

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