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Supportive Services at Bethany

Bethany Community Services is the leading provider of housing with services in the Greater Haverhill area.  Our services enable residents to extend their independent, active lifestyle, and sense of community.  We offer supportive services including health and wellness visits, assistance with daily living, and coordinated care with other providers.


Bethany has full-time Resident Service Coordinators and Registered Nurses on-site, Monday through Friday.  Ongoing services include:

  • Health Clinics

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • Follow-up calls to doctors

  • Fitness activities and exercise programs

  • Meal program, either in our dining room or home delivery


For our residents in need of more extensive supportive services, Bethany also provides:

  • Individualized care plans

  • Assistance with personal care, housekeeping, laundry, shopping, and meals

  • Coordination of transportation to outside services, including medical visits

  • Help with service issues such as insurance applications, food stamps, prescription medication, eligibility for benefits

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